Versatile Blogger Award

Jennifer from Some Like It Paranormal gave me this award! She's one of my favorite Bloggers and she's so nice! so Go Follow! Like, NOW. Thanks Jennifer ♥

Rules for this award:
*Thank and link the blogger who bestowed the award.
*Share seven random facts about yourself.
*Spread the love by passing the award to five other bloggers, and be sure to let them know.

Seven Facts:
1- I have a new car!!! She's an Acura and her name is Lady because she used to be the family car but my dad sold it to me for a reeeeeally great price. sorry, felt like bragging x)
2- I'm a Tumblr Addict. I can stay all day long there.
3- I Looooove the new CK Perfume SHOCK, I use it everyday and it's also the first perfume that lasts on me all day long. seriously. Yum.
4- I'm currently obsessed with red lipstick. I have a big mouth and because of this I ususally never wear bright colors in them but I'm a revel now and all I do is wear red. I have 10 lipsticks and 6 lip-gloss's All in different shades of Red.
5- I'm saving for a tattoo! I Love tattoos, I find the fascinating and I'm finally eighteen so no one can stop me :P
6- This past month I have been watching scary movies everyday. just about anything, apocalypse, zombies, aliens, vampires, serial killers, ghost. So far, not scared. and the Scary Movies are the dumbest things I've ever seen.
7- I practically shower in sunblock everyday. lol, I have no idea why I'm saying this, but I have pale and sensitive skin so, yeah. and I hate the sun, gets me all red, not tan. RED.

Passing the Award:
Mickey @I Am a Bookshark.
One of the most sweet bloggers I know. She laughs at my jokes and she also has the creepiest pets in the world :P
Janina @Synchronized Reading
I love her blog, I've been a followers since she started it and it's just grown so much!
Roro @Roro is reading
I really like his reviewing style and he is also a Guy Blogger, which is rare so go check him out
Remy @Just Remy
I really like her blog and she's a writer! she also has a 100 followers giveaway going on so you might want to check that out!
Jessie @Remarkable Read
I just Love this blog! we worked together for Blogger Lift and then she hosted the 2011 Wrapping Up Readathon, she's amazing, Go Follow

There are so, so so so SO many great blogs, they all deserve awards and we're all part of the same community. again, Thanks Jennifer!