A Stylish Man: Milan Vukmirovic

 “If you want to work in fashion, you need to know how to do many different things. If you do many different things, it feels like you lead many different lives.”

Milan Vukmirovic came to my attention as I was browsing some streetstyle blogs; he was photographed a lot and always looked flawless in his super chic but kind of effortless preppy masculine style. Yeah, I know... He just looks like he knows what he likes and what works for him, while still being practical and looking pretty hot.

Born in France to a Serbian family, Vukmirovic has an amazing career. He was among the original founders of the now-legendary Parisian concept store, Colette, in 1997. He was the design director for Gucci under Tom Ford, and then became the creative director at Jil Sander. Then, in 2006, he became the chief editor of the magazine L'Officiel Hommes, where he took on just about every role possible - from styling to photographer. He was also the creative director at Trussardi 1911 until recently, co-owns The Webster boutique in Miami, and is currently starting a new menswear magazine called ‘Fashion for Men’. All this, while working as a professional photographer. Uff...

Even though he is almost 40, Milan shows no signs of slowing down. And, to be fair, I don’t think he has any reason to.