Cooking Part2!

Today, Hakusai(Chinese cabbage) and Daikon(white radish)!!

The price of lettuce and cabbage is 3 times higher this year than last year.
I'm glad my father grows vegetables.

What shall I make?

Cook lots of Hakusai, Shiitake mushrooms and carrots in a frying pan.
Then add meat and shrimps which were cooked in advance.

Season them with salt.
And I add a special ingredient.

We can buy those convenient things at supermarket.
Mix them and finish!

I also made this plate!
Look good!! Taste also good!!

Daikon are boiled with squids and seasoned with soy sauce and sugar.

I cook but I don't think I like to cook very much.
It's hard to think of everyday menu.....
I respect housewives.