SunSet Wallpapers 3

Who said summer is over? Don’t believe them, you can live it on your dekstop with these free 3d wallpaper pictures!

With this high quality 3d wallpaper you can enjoy summer colors during all the year, moreover you have an oppotunity to see different kinds of this month all over the world by changing your 3d wallpaper desktop! Let the summer lives in Sunset is the daily disappearance of the sun below the horizon as a result of the Earth's rotation
. The atmospheric conditions created by the setting of the sun, occurring before and after it disappears below the horizon, are also commonly referred to as "sunset".

The timing of sunset varies with the time of year and the latitude of the location from which it is viewed. The precise local time of sunset also depends upon each location's precise within a given time zone. Small daily changes and noticeable semi-annual changes in timing of sunset are driven by the axial tilt of Earth, the spherical shape of the Earth, and the planet's movement in its annual orbit around the sun.

SunRise At Ravi