New York Fashion Week AW 2012...Preetma

I ♥ American Vogue's Preetma Singh in a big way.

Ex-lawyer, now Fashion Editorial Assistant at Vogue.....and wearer of her old Princeton University sweatshirt 'cos she was cold and needed something to keep her warm. Genius. I adore this look (so great with the crocodile-print patent leather skirt and knee high boots - elegant, faintly s*xy and sporty all at once) and it works even if you don't have an Ivy League sweatshirt like Preetma's. Got an old school or college sweatshirt lurking at the back of your wardrobe*? Pull it out and try teaming it with a leather pencil skirt (I think it would work quite well with a flippy leather skirt as well).

Preetma also has a blog, The Working Girl, Esq, which you can find here.

Recreate Preetma's Look (kind of):

Marc Jacobs croc print patent leather pencil skirt or Tibi leather pencil skirt

*Although probably a sweatshirt with a zillion signatures all over it proclaiming just how much your classmates will miss you/love you is probably best left in the back of the wardrobe ;)